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Transferring Sites from one account to another or Changing Account Ownership

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If you'd like to transfer some of the sites in your account to another customer:

Please click the "Push Sites to Another User" button in your account.
You'll need their API User ID (which they can get from the API Access age in their account) and the email address associated with their account.
The new owner will need to have enough space in their account to receive these domains, so please ask them to upgrade and make sure they have sufficient space before the transfer.

If you'd like to transfer your whole account to another customer:

Please login to your account and follow these steps:

  • Click the "Update Billing Information" button, and cancel your recurring subscription with Paddle or FastSpring
  • Click the "Account" menu, and choose "Change Password" to update the password on the account
  • Click the "Account" menu, and choose "Edit Account Details" to update the name, address and email on the account

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