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Do you have a Reseller Plan or White Label Service?

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Thank you for your interest in offering our PBN Hosting service to your customers.

We have a few options for the ways that we could work together to sell PBN Hosting to your customers.

  1. Affiliate Program - We have an affiliate program that pays out 10% recurring for the lifetime of customers that you refer to us, including upgrades/downgrades. If you're a customer, you can find this inside your account, otherwise please contact our Sales and Billing team for assistance with getting an affiliate account setup. This is the easiest way to make money from our service, as we will handle all of the technical support and billing related to your service.

  2. Mark Up/Value Added Reseller - If you're an SEO service provider, you're more than welcome to mark up our services and charge whatever fee you like to your customers through your regular monthly billing to the client. In this situation, we would advise you to not provide the customer with direct access to our system.

  3. API Integration - We have an API that allows you to deploy domains, and retrieve information about your domains. You could use that to build your own system for having customers deploy domains to our service in your account, without them knowing that it's using our service on the backend.

  4. Fully Branded White Label Reseller - We also offer a program where you can get your own custom branded version of our system. You can set your own prices for all of the plans, with your cost price being a 10% discount on the retail prices for each plan listed on our site. You will be billed monthly for the total number of services that were active at any time during the month. Our support team can handle the support for your customers as well, including 24x7 email and ticket support managed by our team - or you can do your own support. Upfront setup fee for our White Label Reseller program is $1,200 USD (plus any applicable VAT/GST/Sales Tax on digital goods in your jurisdiction) which includes the first year of hosting for your billing panel, with a minimum $10,000 USD deposit that will be recharged each month based on your usage and a $5,000 USD monthly minimum spend (plus any applicable VAT/GST/Sales Tax on digital goods in your jurisdiction). Annual ongoing costs are $100 USD per month for hosting after the first year.

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