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Account Unsuspension after Late Payment

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After making a successful payment on a suspended service, our system will receive an automated notification from our official retailer (either Paddle or FastSpring), and the invoice will be marked as paid.

You'll then receive two emails from our system - one confirming the invoice payment, and one that advises you that your account has been unsuspended.

We send the notification to the servers immediately to unsuspend those accounts, however your site might take 15-30 minutes to appear back online, due to reasons that including:
  • Caching in your browser of the suspended page/redirect to the suspended page. You can try loading the site in a private browser tab to see if it loads there, and you may need to clear your browser's cache to speed up the process of being able to access the site outside of a private browser tab.
  • Caching systems implemented by our providers. Some of our providers with caching systems may store a cached copy of the suspended page for 15-30 minutes. You can speed up the process of accessing the unsuspended site by testing in a private browser tab, or holding down the Shift key while clicking the Refresh/Reload page.
  • Caching systems implemented by your ISP. Some internet providers operate transparent proxy servers to reduce their bandwidth requirements by caching frequently visited web sites. You can get around this by connecting to a VPN.

If it's been over 4 hours since you've made payment and the site is not coming back online, please log a ticket with our support team.

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